Monday, October 18, 2004

Hello again TODAY!!!

Well I did'nt end up cutting the grass at Church cause it did'nt since the LAST time I mowed it so I tryed to go too my other work, Wall Mart, too see if I cuold work TODAY insted of SATURDAY cause I do'nt like too work on the weekends all that much but my BOSS said NO cause I have to work on Saturday and they cant pay over time cause of government reguklations. I think thats crazy but oh well, wo'nt have to worry about once the Liberals are gone for good after this Election coming up soon. All I have too say is all the MEXICANS that work there get too work all they want but I didnt say that too my boss cause hes freinds with them and hes also BLACK so I do'nt want him thinking Im like a raceist or something then I might get fired.

Hey I heard that Mike More was at my old school at North West, boy am I glad Im not around there any more since they let that guy come tell every one his LIES about our PRESIDENT and GOVERNMENT. His movie that came out is full of LIES and all the LIBERALS beleive it all cause they hate AMERICA and Im not going too see it at all cause if I want to see LIES I'll just read the New York Times its all the same stuff, they just want to get rid of the President and put Kerry in power so they can let the TERRORISTS and ARABS take over this country, really. Lets see how they like it when they get there heads cut off for not beleiving in there moon god alah thats whats gonna happen. I think all the Liberals should just shut up and stop trashing the President cause we have a War going on were heros are dieing every day and all the stuff they say just makes more arabs want to kill our heros who are fighting to those lying Liberals can say whatever they want. Get real man!! Its true! Soldiers fight for Liberals to say things that get them killed in the ulitmate sacrafice I mean come on!!! Some body should do some thing too get them to stop, I now the President will after he is elected soon hel'l makew sure we dont hear from them any more. But Im glad I were'nt at the school when that LYER came to tell his LIES about AMERICA and GOD cause I woulda been real mad but could'nt say nothing cause all of the LIBERALS at that school and the GAYS probly would beaten me up for saying the TRUTH.

Oh yeah I was gonna tell you why Im not at the school any more. Well I wanted to be a gym teacher but The school did'nt think I could be a round kids cause of some problems I had but did'nt have any more and then I tyed other stuff but I had a hard time, then after the QUEERS upstairs from my apartment moved out I had too leave cause the CHINK landlord wanted to raise rent that I could'nt afford and remodel my place, but said I could live up stairs since it was empty. I said NO WAY cause I knew what went on up there for a long time and I did'nt want to be there and have people guys who did'nt now they moved showing up to do perveted things and drugs, I knew it would happen cause people came to my place alot looking for em and I just dont want to be a round people like that, I want to go to HEAVEN!!! I could'nt even tell thoise people about JESUS CHRIST when they came to my door cause they was always drunk and on drugs. My parents said I could come back home for a while, to a good place were no fagoots were around and I could work and save for a nother school to go too. So here I am, but there are lots of GAYS that work at the WM with me, and they always talk about it like its okay but I cant say anything or I could get fired for talking about the GOSPEL. So thats why Im not at North West any more.

Im goin to bed now gotta get up early!

Hay every body long time no SEE!!!

I just got me a new computer (for real cheap to, gotta love Wall Mart!). I did'nt have one for along time, after I left school at North West (nope did'nt graduate looooooong story there!). I got one over the week end and heer I am!! Im suprised my Web page is still hear, I thought it woulda been long gone by now!

I picked a good time too get a computer cause now I can talk about the election and all that stuff and jump in on all the action and may be help get the PRESIDENT 4 more years! Peaople can read this and get there minds changed from that lying draft-dodger KERRY and that lawyer guyand this country can be a better place without them a round. I already Emailed Bush for President to let them know Im on the job, but I have'nt heard back yet. Their prolly busy with all the Kewrry lies all over the place so it will take awhile for them to rite back.

I goota to for know, gotta get to work you know (I work at Wall Mart to, got a discount on the computer and everything cause the box was already open, I'm also a grounds keeper at my church, thats were Im goin now to mow the Church grass before it rains alot!!!). Be sure to check back all the time, I got some stories (some not good) about me from when I was'nt on line at all. Hope ya did'nt forget about little ol me.

Saturday, May 03, 2003

Hey I'm back in Kansas City right now! How about that for you! Im at my parents house for the summer, they used to live in Lone Jack Missouri but they moved to Ray Town last year to bee closer to the City and also becase our neghbors in Lone jacl were gettin really creepy into making drugs and things so they moved out here. Its better and better yet there is internet service here so I can keep on writing my web sight. So I think were better off hear if you know what I mean. Im also glad to be back becase now I can go to the Old Country Bufett whenever I want. Man I love that place its great and I could'nt go their a whole lot being in Mary Ville and all. But Im hear now so thats cool! I just wish Tammi where here cuz I miss her and all that but she had stay up there at NorthWest for summer classes, though they don't start for a couple weeks so i do'nt know why she do'nt come here for a while but oh well, you know Women, ca'nt live with them ca'nt live with out them either.

Oh hey I have forgot to tell you all this time that I have a nother web sight! Yeah really i do but but it's pretty old, not as new as this one anyway. But if you want to see it here is a link too it. My other web sight. I do'nt get too up date it any more but it has some good stuff there I think so you might want too check it out all right?!

Hey I gotta unpack and help my dad pick up a truck load of dirt for the garden, then we get to go too Old Country Bufett in honor of me finishing a nother year at school. I hope they have some Shrimp on the Bufett, man I love the Shrimp there! But okay Il'l talk to you later.

Friday, May 02, 2003

HAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYY YOOOOOOOOOOUUUUUUUUUU GUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUYYYYYYYYYYYYYSSSSS! Yep its me I am back after a really long time. I forgot my pass word to the web sight and coud'nt get in for like a whole month, may be more than thast, but when I was gettin ready to move back home for summer I found the peice of paper I wrote it down on so I can get back too writing on my Blog! How Cool is that for you!

So yeah Im heading home tomorow becase today is the last day of school for the school year. well actully there is some summer classes, and going to take one in July but I get to use the online to do it, so its not like its a real class or anything. It has something to do with cultures and I dont wanna take it, but I guess I half to if I wanna gratuate next Fall, if you know what I mean. Tammi has to stay up here all summer in the dorms to take some classes so even thogh I'll be here alot i still won't get to see her that too often. At least we will be in some place that has some rules that people follow, not like where i live now which has an upstaiors place full of fags and drug users. Actully a couple of them moved or something a long time ago, it was the married gay couple if you rember me talkin bout them a while back. yeah they left or something becase her stupid faggot truck has'nt been parked in the driveway for a long time. did i ever mention this truck? Well, it was an import to start with, and then it had all these stickers on it. One was a fairy peace sticker about being hungry for peice. Then there was one about human rights international, which is a group at NORTHWEST that has anti-AMERICA protests all the time. And then there was one about smashing something, and that got me all the maddest becase those people are always breaking stuff when they have protests. At least they are gobne, but the homo guys are still there faggin it up and doing drugs and having parties. One guy actully invited me up to hang out once, and I told him no way becase I didn't want to go too HELL like they are. Yeah he got all mad but I think he understood me.

So yesterdsay was really great. It was the day of National Praying all over the USA, and here in Mary Ville we did a whole bunch of stuff for it. The coolest part was that all my tests were over by Wednesday so I all day to pray to Our Lord and help other people pray. We even had a big prayer group in my house all afternoon which was great, until the guys upstairs started playing they're homo dance music. But we justbprayed that God would show them the right way out of there sin and guess what! After about two hours of praying about them really hard, they turned off the music and left!! Can you beleeve it!! And some people will say prayer does'nt work. Well it obviously does, and now I have proof of it!

Hay, have you all been watching the war against Iraq! Man it's awesome. I neveer seen anything liek that before. I think its great we got rid of SADAM and punished him for what he did too us the US on 9-11. I hope he died in alot of pain along with his whole fam,ily. That sevres him RIGHT. And some people like all those protestors said that we would lose. Well HAHAHA we WON and we won the war faster than any other war ever fought. So how about that! I think next we should take care of some of those other counties over there Like Korea before they attack us too. And then we should do something abouit France, like stop giving them money and fighting there wars for them. If they want to surrender and be invaded then they can do it on there own from now on right!!!! They should'nt mess with the USA cuz were right and we had to defend ourself. But Im sure proud of are soldiers who risk there lives so we can be free from SADAM and crazy ARABS. Tammis dad is getting agroup together to help out the Iraq people who were so bad when SADAM was there and they need help now, so hes going over there this summer. I think thats great, but I wouldnt want to go be around all those people. What if they give a desease or try to convert me to be a Islam or something? I don't know I think Il'l just stay here in Missouri and be proud to be an American.

Friday, March 21, 2003

HAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYY guess whose back! Yep, me! Actully I got back this after noon and I was'nt going to write anything hear until monday or something, but my freind who lives on Campus is back to, so he let let use his computer to write on my Blog. Yay hes cool, thats why hes my freind!

So Branson was great! We did'nt get too do all the stuff we wanted becase alot of places were closed in order to support our Troops (but they all opened again today, to bad I coul'nt stay longer)! We did get to see the Bald Knobber's thogh, and let me tell you you should see them when you get a chance! I wish I could of seen them Twice! Tammi did'nt like em as much, but she had a good time. The revival was weird, it was my first time and it took me a while too get into it and Tammi had to help cuz she does them all the time with her dad. It was great though I got to go up in front and get saved and the preacher pout him hand on my fore head and I could feel the Lord moving thru me. It wuz strange I alos felt like I needed to take care of thingz n the privite area if you know what I mean. Two bad Tammi & I did'nt get marryed yet! So i prayd bout it and the Lord helpd me threw it - praise His Holy Name!

Friday, March 14, 2003

Hay remember me! Yeah i have'nt been using this lately but that's becase I forgot my password and it took me a long time to find it out again. I know what your thinkin now, that I can be really dumb some times. Its true but most of the time I'm pretty smart and all that! Also too be honest I been really busy gettin stuff done at school before spring break starts WHICH IS TODAY! Awesome! Branson here we come! but more about that later. Yeah so I had alot of work to do, specially this speech i had to do for a class. Man that was rough I though I would never get thru it! It was for an ecnomics class so i did it on how banks work and stuff, man let me tell you, its a good thing I'm not a bank president! I used that too think that would be a cool job becase of all the money but no way now. I think Ill get a good grade on it, the teacher asked me all sorts of questions which he did'nt do with the other students so I think that means he really liked it. also I had all these tests, most of them were essay tests which I HATE I wish they could all be multiple choice becase I do the best at those. Wow what a week.

I did have plenty of destractions to keep me away from studying though. A good one was a movie I saw called Tears of the Sun, man was it ever awesome! It is one of those films that makes me really glad to be an AMERICAN becase it shows all the good we do for the world and that were not just goin out to kill people. I think its a good for the movie too since we need to go to war, maybe all the anti-America protestors should go see it it will defanitly change there minds about everything, it will finally make then love there COUNTRY. Oh yeah and another movie I saw, but it was over the week end in Kansas City with my dad was the Lord of the Rings Two Towers. I did'nt like it as much as Tears of the Sun but I think thats cuz I did'nt see the first couple movies and I really did'nt read the books (man have you seen them there so loooong!). But the fighting was gcool even though I could'nt tell who was good and who was bad, they all looked dirty and gross to me accet the blond guy with the arrows he was cool! I was really confused cuz i couldnt tell the difference between hoppits and elfs and dwarfs and orgs. i could tell the difference with the talking trees man that was weird, it was also weird they were called ants! I thought it was a cool movie specially the effects, but then i read that the actors who played the wizard with the beard, i think Gongolf, i read in a magazine that he was gay. I don't know but thats not good at all since he was around little kids who played the dwrfs or hoppits. i hope they decide to not have him act in the next Lord of the Rings movie thats coming out.

Hay speaking of fags my upstairs neghbors are still crazy. Thats why I had to go see a movie this week because they were all loud all the time doing drugs. People always show up there around 11 at night which is when i try to go to bed so that makes it hard to sleep. they slam doors and stomp up the stairs and then party all night. this is even on school nights for petes sake! I don't even want to think what they do up there. on Saturday night Tammi and me went for a walk reral late at night, like 12 or something nand when we came back we could hear all this loud music (Tammi says its call "teckno") but the lights were all turned out. now this is weird but we kept seeing a little light swooshing around by the window. What was it? i do'nt know but we decided to go to her place that night since i did'nt feel safe at home (its okay man i slept on the couch no hanky panky). i would say something to the landlord but like i said last i cant cuz she do'nt speak english.

Thats all OK becase were going to leave for BRANSON tomorow morning. I just hope they do'nt steal any of my stuff while Im gone, but at least then the police can get them. They will prolly have a antiAmerica meeting while I am gone though, they have those alot. I can hear em talkin some times and they talk abouit that stuff, about how President Bush is bad and dumb and America does bad things and that the war is not really about protescting American but really to get oil. I hate to tell them but there wrong. But any way about branson, man it will be fun. I get to stay at tammi's parents house which is cool cuz they are nice. I think they like me which is good to if you what I mean. Her dads a preacher at a church and its having a revival all week long with singing and dancing and praying and parisinmg it will be awesome! i never been to one so Im excited. Then we go to some shows in Branson and maybe silver dollar city which has awesome rides.

Well hay I better get goin so I can pack and go pick up Tammi in my truck. She says her dad has a computer on the online so maybe i can use this from down there. Who Knows! I sure dont but I'll be sure to let you know all about my break. If you live in maryville keep an eye on my neghbors cuz there really bad people. okay BYE!

Friday, March 07, 2003

Man I was havin a good day yesterday cuz me and my girl friend were hanging out at my place watching some movies and eating pizza when the maniacs who live upstairs started all there partying. i was just tryin to have a nice night with my future wife and these poep,e are upstairs smoking marawana and playing loud dance music (Tammi says it's called "rayve" or somethin like that, it all sounds like heavy metal to me). The worst thing about those poeple is that most of em are FAGS, like i do'nt know how many live there but seriously they are all queers and probably have orgies. Theres even a girl who is probably gay even though she says she is married to one the guys who lives there, but thats bull cuz that guy is totally HOMO. There probably just married to get welfare or somethin like that, cuz its sick. I cant tell my landlord cuz she is chinese or japanese and does'nt speak english, all i do is give her money and she leavesme alone. OH MAN the worst thing! they put up all these anti-American signs in there windows that face the street, and its a busy street so lots of people can see them and it makes me and Tammi so mad, me specially becase she does'nt like to come over since people might think shes a commie or somethin, becase they all are up there. I tried callin the Police once to see if they would make em take down the signs but they ca'nt becase suposetly its there RIGHT to do that since its there home. WELL its my home too and I do'nt want that there! I even told the Police they were all fags and had fag sex but he just said to watch my ass and stay out of there way if I dont like it. I hate to say but theres one Police who will be enjoying HELL with those queers upstairs. I should of told him they take marawana then he could of busted them ebven though I never really seen them take it, but Im sure they do becase one of the girls that hangs out there all the time was in my Speech class a while back and did all these speeches on legallising marawana and abortion so I'm sure there doing drugs up there. What if they go crazy like on those commercials and pull out a gun! I think a bullett would go right through the floor or what if they decide to take advantage of me or Tammi when there freaked out on dope or try to drive some where and run over us in the drive way. I ca'nt handle that so I need to do sometjing i am afraid if I call the cops though they will know and try to hurt me and Tammi or pull some gay stuff on us for revenge like in prison movies.

Any way, enough of that now on the cool news! Tammi and me are goin to BRANSON for Spring Break! thats were we met for the first time! Its cool, we get to go to her familys church for a revival and then go to a bunch og shows in town wich we been saving up for for a long long time! I hope we can get to see the BALDKNOBBERS cuz there my favoright!

Hay I goota go but check back later also check back in a couple weeks cuz I tell you all about Branson! God Bless and pray for me!

Thursday, March 06, 2003

Whoh man, I finaly have my own BLOG on the inter net! I decided to get one becase lots of other people i know have one and so I thought why should'nt i have one! I got all sorts of stuff to talk about specially the war where were gonna take care of Sadam Hussain once and for all! I wish I could of joined the army too like alot of my buddies but I could'nt for personal reasons, but that guy really needs to be took out of office. Every one agrees but thier are all those crazy anti-America protestors who think we should let that guy do what ever he wants and too leave him totaly alone! they are crazy, and I watch on the news every night about how cops have to arrest most of them becase they start fights and shoot at police officers and regular people, if you do'nt beleive me its all on the news every night, I mean these people are insane! They just want to see America be destryed by terror and maniac Islams who want to kill everyone all over the place just becase we beleive in Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior and they are a bunch of idol worshipping pagan satanists!

oh hay man I have too go now, I should of met my girl freind over the student union 10 minutes a go for lunch, boy am I gonna get it!!!!!!!!